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1. Popular Notions About Alcohol
2. Five Steps to Risk Reduction
3. Drugs
4. Self- Assessment
5. Low Risk Choices
6. How to Succeed


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Alcohol - Drug Issues
Anger - Violence Issues
Children & Divorce: Education
Employee Assistance Program
Drug Court Services
Prime for Life
Sexual Offender Services
Student Assistance Program
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The Prime for Life seminar is intended to help participants examine their relationships with alcohol and/or drugs and understand the risks involved with the goal of reducing or eliminating those risks. Participants learn how to make wise choices based on their own family and personal history as compared to research findings.

What We Do

PRIME For Life For Adults is a program designed to reduce the risk of long-term health problems, such as alcoholism, as well as the risk of short-term problems related to impairment. The curriculum incorporates what has been learned from the heart disease field about the type of information people need to change behaviors. Information is presented objectively and persuasively, using documented research findings rather than opinions, scare tactics or exaggerations. The curriculum’s nonjudgmental research-based approach is one reason attitudes and behaviors change after having participated in PRIME For Life programs.

PRIME For Life For Adults is taught to adults in the workplace, schools, the military and other settings. It is often offered to professional groups such as social workers, counselors, and court designated workers, for continuing education.

An Emphasis on Alcohol

PRIME For Life programs emphasize the prevention of alcohol-related problems. Alcohol is a legal beverage in most places, for most people, at some point in life, so prevention advice needs to be available to everyone. Though the majority of people who drink do not experience problems, high-risk drinking choices create serious problems for many. In fact, high-risk drinking causes more problems than all illegal drugs combined. So, while the program emphasis is on alcohol, the curriculum does not underestimate the real concerns with other drug use. A Drug Unit teaches how drugs in general impact our brain chemistry which helps students understand how addiction progresses. Special emphasis is given to marijuana. The principles established about the development of problems with alcohol are applied to other drug use.

How to Register

If you are referred by a counselor/therapist from Family Counseling Services, she or he will help you register. You may register between the hours of 1pm and 3 pm Monday through Thursday at Family Counseling Services in Athens. You must register at least one week prior to the class session in which you will begin.

What is the Cost?

The is cost is $110. This may be paid by check, cash or money order at least seven days prior to the first class. This will cover a workbook and materials for the two day seminar. No certificate of attendance will be issued until payment in full is received.

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